What type of equipment do you use?

I shoot with professional full-frame Canon bodies and a range of professional lenses.  I work extremely well with natural light but never shy away from the opportunities to break out my wireless lights to provide some new creative lighting opportunities.

Do you travel?

Of course I do! I have very affordable travel packages available but do typically ask that you take care of any airfare, hotels, rental car, etc that may be required.

Do you shoot same sex marriages?

Of course I do!

How busy are you?

Never too busy for you.  I am an expert at planning my time appropriately and will turn down clients if I think I wont have enough time to focus on my existing clients.

What does your pricing start at?

Packages start at $2749 and includes two photographers the day of the wedding.  Some weddings may require to have the 2nd photographer for shorter and some for longer.  I can help you decide which package will make the most sense for you.  Preparing shoots and planning for the day of the wedding is so exciting for me.  This also includes a consultation prior to the big day so that we can plan accordingly.

What is included for the base price?

A standard wedding package always includes a complementary engagement session and two photographers for the day of your wedding.  All packages include a presentation of final edited high resolution images when we’ll decide which images you’d like to print and/or make a part of your wedding album.

We already had an engagement shoot with another photographer.  Now what?

Maybe you hired another professional.  Maybe you hired your Aunt Sally to take them for you.  Either way I think it’s really important that we have this experience together.  It’ll give you a chance to understand my style as well as another opportunity to learn more about you.  Part of my success lies in my couples being very comfortable with me behind them camera and them in front of it.  This shoot really helps us both.

Are you insured?

Absolutely.  This protects both myself and you.  Many venues require that outside vendors have liability insurance.  I will provide my proof of insurance to the venue to the vendor prior to the wedding day.

How do you protect our files?

I’m absolutely wild about preserving photos.  My professional camera shoots to two memory cards simultaneously so I’ll have duplicate copies of your photos the moment they’re taken.  Once those memory cards begin to fill up I have hard drives that will automatically begin duplicating the cards to external hard drives.  From there I separate the cards in the event my gear gets stolen (Sad but true) but good news for you is your images wont be compromised.  Once I’m back at my desk I upload them to multiple drives on my desk, an offsite network drive in another location, and a cloud based backup system.

How many photos will we get?

This all depends really.  I can promise you wont be disappointed.  I want to document your entire day and this usually results in 1500-2500 images that are reviewed and edited down to 500-700 full resolution images.

How much time do you recommend we leave in our wedding timeline for photos?

Fantastic question!  During out consultation we’ll sit down and draft a wedding timeline. I want to make sure that we’ve got enough time to capture the images that are most important to you.  I strive to make sure we capture those images without causing any type of stress in your day.

What happens if the wedding goes over the scheduled time.

I’m not going to just run away from the great moments trust me, but there will be an extra charge if I stay late.  All of this will be outlined in your contract.

Do you offer videography.

I personally do not at the moment but I’ve got a vast network of videographers that I would be happy to refer you to.  I’ll even work with them to try and find special pricing for the both of us to offer you as a bundle.

Do we receive print releases?

Print releases are available to you for the entire collection or in tiers.  We’ll go over all of your options throughout our consultation.

When will my photos be ready?

My typical turn around time for weddings are 4-6 weeks.

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