F*ck it. It’s Friday!

Well if today wasn’t one of the longest fucking weeks of my life.  Between being sick, having my bathroom flood, smashing my shin because of ice and more, I’m ready for the weekend more than ever. I’m not typically one who looks forward to a certain day of the week because I try and makeContinue reading “F*ck it. It’s Friday!”

A Few Weekdays in Philadelphia

Been lucky enough to be living in this awesome city for about 3 years now.  The past 3 weeks I’ve been carrying my SRL with my almost everywhere.  Between working two jobs and being a grad student I still try to find time to capture what I see as beautiful. Feel free to enlarge eachContinue reading “A Few Weekdays in Philadelphia”

Still Think Global Warming Isn’t Real?

If you were expecting a smart or scientific post about the global warming crisis you’ll be disappointed.  Today’s weather  here in Philadelphia is an absolute gift.  I’m home sick today as I fight off the worst cold I’ve had in years.  Cody (My Rescue Chiweenie) was stoked about having the sun shining through the windows onContinue reading “Still Think Global Warming Isn’t Real?”

The best camera, is the one you have with you.

An old photography professor used to tell me that all the time.  With the advances in iPhone it’s not wonder it became the worlds most popular camera too.  But I’m still in love with carrying around my crumpler full of DSLR goodies…  Here is a shot on my walk into work today in beautiful QueenContinue reading “The best camera, is the one you have with you.”