Asbury Park Surf Music Festival

This weekend was the amazing Asbury Park Surf Music Festival presented by Hi Tide.


Artist have permission to use attached photos. For any other outlet including media and press please contact me for licensing.


This last weekend I was invited to come shoot the Marina and River stages of the XPONENTIAL Music Festival hosted by WXPN FM out of Philadelphia, PA.

Unfortunately due to some scheduling conflicts I couldn’t make the full festival but I’m still very excited about the acts I did get a chance to shoot.

Sure I had heard of this band from the Google Home commercial so my interest was peaked.  To put it short the absolutely blew me away.

Dave Hause & The Mermaid
Philadelphia locals absolutely killed it.  I was new to these guys but I am so stoked to follow them as they make their way back to the Theater of Living Arts on December 2, 2017.  Please go check them out.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Jazz isn’t my specialty but good lord do I appreciate it.  These may be some of the most talented musicians I’ve seen live in a long time.  They played two sets the same day and brought a ton of energy to both.

Rhiannon Giddens
What a captivating voice singing some of the most emotional and thought out lyrics.


I’m always looking to shoot more live music.  Please contact me if you’d like me to come shoot your show.

If You Have Paid Time Off, Use It.

Good lord did I need it.

If you follow this page and/or my social media platforms you know that I can be a pretty busy guy.  Full time job, part time student, part time photographer, and part time Uber/Postmates carrier.  And I have social life.  Someone beer me.

This week I decided to take a little mid week getaway.  The stars seemed to align right.  I had the time, the shore was still in the off season making hotel prices dirt cheap, and my friends and family were available to see down there.


So I said “fuck yeah let’s do it.”  I grabbed the pup, met up with my girlfriend, stocked a cooler full of cold ones, charged the bluetooth speaker, and we headed east.  Long Beach Island has been my happy place ever since I was a kid.  I am fortunate enough to have an amazing Aunt and Uncle who introduced me to the island over two decades ago and have welcomed me back ever since.

In that time I’ve made amazing friends down there and experience my favorite spots to visit and drain. (Drinking reference)

But what this is really about is, not being afraid to just take a random mid-week trip.  I knew my work would be waiting for me when I got back and I know it sounds crazy to come back on a Friday after just taking two days off but I’m happy to be here and I’m energized in a way I didn’t know I needed.  Plus the weekend is just 6 hours away.

We’re all hard workers in one way or another but I don’t think we treat ourselves enough.  Life is short and at some points we stop earning paid time off or can’t take it with us.  So when those stars align you have to run with it!  And don’t worry about planning so much.  Sometimes the best experiences happen when you just roll with the punches when you’re in your happy place.