How To Not Let Facebook (Completely) Ruin Your Photos

Why must Facebook hate us all?  (especially small business) Anyway if you’re like me you’re beyond frustrated with how much Facebook compresses and degrades the quality of the images we take.  This may be a good point to mention that if you’re just posting selfies using those horrible front facing cameras this post will notContinue reading “How To Not Let Facebook (Completely) Ruin Your Photos”

Canon Releases the EOS 6D Mark II

The long awaited Canon 6D Mark 2 is now available for preorder. Here are the updated features that most will want to know: Canon 6D Canon 6D Mark 2 Sensor 20.2 MP Full Frame 26.2 MP Full Frame Processor DIGIC 5+ DIGIC 7 AF Points 11 Points 45 Points (All Cross) IOS Range 100-26500 100-40000Continue reading “Canon Releases the EOS 6D Mark II”

How to Edit and Share Your DSLR Photos on the Go.

Everything is portable these days.  Smartphones and tablets have only enhanced that. Today I’m going to talk about all of the ways we can use these new mobile devices to enhance your Digital SLR shootings on the go.  I will not be including any talks about the use of laptops since the interface is theContinue reading “How to Edit and Share Your DSLR Photos on the Go.”