News Flash If You Hated Your Job In 2017, You’ll Still Hate It In 2018.

Jesus Christ people… I can’t open a single social media app without being inundated with people complaining about going back to work… I get it.  Some of these are probably just to get a laugh people but a lot aren’t.  I’m not completely oblivious to think that everyone loves what they do but you’ve gotContinue reading “News Flash If You Hated Your Job In 2017, You’ll Still Hate It In 2018.”

Life is Short. Live Your Dream and Share Your Passion.

Realizing that I purchased my original domain and webspace one year ago today it felt appropriate to reflect on why. Social media quickly became a place to share every thought, cup of coffee, and/or photo of your pets/kids.  That is a fine way to get a quick fix of dopamine but that’s really it.  WhenContinue reading “Life is Short. Live Your Dream and Share Your Passion.”

Making the Switch to a Standing Desk

Since starting at my job about a year ago I’ve had a pretty basic cubicle full of all the technology any IT person could ever ask for.  I spend about 60% of my week in that cube sitting in an old chair starring at my displays. Since my family is notorious for having back painsContinue reading “Making the Switch to a Standing Desk”

Happy One Month Anniversary

Today marks the one month since I launched this website.  I launched it for a number of reasons.  First off a I wanted a place where I could share elaborate ideas, thoughts, photos, and videos without them automatically being posted to your personal walls.  Now sure, I promote the site on social media so inContinue reading “Happy One Month Anniversary”