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Apple AirPods img_0105

I can remember back long before we were listening to music through wireless headphones and Bluetooth was only a pompous way to talk on the phone while driving.  Funny enough as I sit here on the bus writing this sure enough there is a person currently wearing one of those archaic headsets.  Sorry we’re getting off topic here…

I can remember asking at man working at the Verizon Wireless store if such a technology existed that we could listen to music wirelessly in stereo?  He quickly replayed “No” and moved on to a customer who was way more likely to buy something.  Now this is long before the days of iPhone or even PDAs but this just goes to show you how long I’ve been waiting for a product like this and the anticipation has only been building.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on Apple’s AirPods day one.  Needless to say I wasted no time pairing them up with my iPhone 7.

img_1517The pairing process was a breeze thank to Apple’s newest “W1 Chip”.  This new technology allows you to pair these AirPods with an Apple ID, make them accessible to all of your Apple products using that ID.

I wasn’t completely aware of some of the features of these earphones that made them “smart” (Apple’s newest catch phrase).

First off each AirPod is equip with a proximity sensor.  This allows to know if the AirPod is actually in your ear or not.  If you pull one out it’ll pause your music.  Put it back in and the tunes keep on rolling.

One of the most impressive features I believe is the case.  The case houses and chargers the AirPods when not in use. (AirPods hold 5 hours and the case another 24 hours according to Apple). The case magnetically keeps your AirPods in the case even when it’s open.   As we found out this week an iOS device is even capable of sending firmware updates to the case while the AirPods are docked.  (Sorry Android users no work on how you’ll update yet) But I have to believe that most of the firmware updates are going to be for Apple functionality.

Now for the not so great.  Playback controls.  If you’re like me and you got used to having a playback switch built into your headphone cord, this transition could be a little tough.  Out of the box, AirPods can activate Siri by simply double tapping on either Air
Pod.  Since Siri is an online service, when it comes to simply pausing the song or skipping to the next song this can feel extremimg_1518ely sluggish.   They
do however give you the option to allow that same double tap to act as a Pause/Play action.  I quickly changed this to my default as I think Siri has a long way to go before it becomes my primary AI.

Finally people are going to be concerned about them staying in their ears.  I’ve never had an issue with headphones falling out of my ears.  Even back to the iPod days.  These are no different.  They’re incredibly lightweight making the odds of them falling out much less.  Even after swinging my head around, running outside, and even wrestling with the dog with them in they didn’t budge.  9to5Mac did a poll claiming that many of AirPod owners had no issues with them falling out of their ears.

Overall AirPods are now apart of my everyday life.  Although I think they’re priced a bit high at $159 if you’re someone who listens to music all the time and wants a very easy wireless solution they’re a great fit.  Just don’t lose one ($70 replacement per pod).

3.75 Stars out of 5