Anna and Scott’s Wedding at Hotel Du Pont Wilmington, DE – June 16, 2018

This last weekend I had the opportunity to shoot the stunningly beautiful couple Anna and Scott at a very beautiful venue the Hotel Du Pont in Wilmington, DE.  For this shoot I was partnered up with Pegi from Wildflower Photographs.

I was very excited to shoot such a large venue but of course as a wedding photographer you must always be prepared for all types of lighting situations.  Pegi and I had been discussing some off camera flash solutions leading up to the even and I’m very excited about the results for the massive venue.

Hotel DuPont Wedding-2Hotel DuPont Wedding-3Hotel DuPont Wedding-5Hotel DuPont Wedding-9Hotel DuPont Wedding-11Hotel DuPont Wedding-13Hotel DuPont Wedding-14Hotel DuPont Wedding-15Hotel DuPont Wedding-16Hotel DuPont Wedding-19Hotel DuPont Wedding-21Hotel DuPont Wedding-24Hotel DuPont Wedding-26Hotel DuPont Wedding-29Hotel DuPont Wedding-28Hotel DuPont Wedding-32Hotel DuPont Wedding-35Hotel DuPont Wedding-36Hotel DuPont Wedding-39Hotel DuPont Wedding-41Hotel DuPont Wedding-43


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