Tips for Tony

I met Tony a few month ago playing this upright piano that found it’s way to Head House Square in Philadelphia, PA.  There were about a dozen of people listening to him play and he was kind enough to let me take this photo.


I’ve gotten to know Tony a little through brief conversations in my neighborhood and he seems determined to get “a steady job and a steady living situation”

I can only image how difficult it must be to be homeless and trying to overcome the obstacles to gain employment and housing.  Since I can’t provide either of those I thought it would be nice for Tony to be reminded that people care.

As a part time Uber-Eats courier I will be donating all of my tips from Today to Christmas to show Tony exactly that.

With each Uber Eats delivery I perform the customer has the option to tip.  For those who do and explicitly give me permission to, will have their named signed on the card for Tony as well.

What I’m doing is a very small gesture.  My vision is that other couriers for Uber Eats, Caviar, Postmates, GrubHub, etc will consider doing the same.  Sure it’s small but as the majority of society ignores the homeless it would be great to show someone that some of us still care.

Outside donations can be made here.


UPDATE: November 29, 2017.  I’m completely overwhelmed by the generosity of my friends, family, and other members of my community.  When I started this campaign I never would have imagined that just over two weeks we’d be at $266 raised.  Even the smallest contributions are extremely appreciated. Part of this goal was to encourage other drivers to consider doing the same.  I can only achieve that if you help me spread the word.  So please take the time to share the YouTube video, this webpage, or anything that might help spread the word of paying it forward to those who need it the most.
for updates!

UPDATE: December 9, 2017.  In just a few short weeks we’ve raised $381 that is just incredible.  I’m honored to be a small part of this and more importantly I’m feeling the love and compassion from the people I surround myself with as friends and part of my community.  I’m going to continue raising money until the week of December 18th, 2017. Through the power of social media and this website, I was connected with a great man who sometimes hire Tony to help him with projects in our community.  He has generously offered to make sure that Tony is available one day that week for me to deliver this amazing gift that you’re all apart of.  Thank you so much for your help and I hope that I can continue to earn more tips making this holiday season extra special for someone who needs it.

UPDATE:  December 18, 2017.  Well today we hit a total of $500 raised.  I’m done taking donations at this time so thank you to all the amazing people on this list below.  You’re all incredible and generous.

Today purchased a MasterCard Gift Card, a few WaWa gift cards, and I’m picking a few more up tomorrow from CVS.  I’ve also purchase a Christmas card and I’ll sign all of your names to it.  I also used some of the funds to purchase a cheap wallet for Tony to keep all of his cards together.  I’m hoping to get a photo with him after I deliver it to him this week.  More to come!

UPDATE:  December 21, 2017.  With holiday card and gift cards in hand I made my way to the bus stop as I do most weekdays.  Thanks to the newly renovated Wawa being back open I was back in the routine of running into Tony on a frequent basis.  He was sitting inside warming up to a coffee and let me hang for a few minutes.  I gave him the Christmas card and explained to him all the names signed to the left.  I then proceeded to explain each of the gift cards one at at time and he was blown away.  Thanks to the generosity of all the people you see listed below, Tony is going to have a much more manageable holiday season.  Thank you.  His first reactions after receiving your generous gifts was thankful to be able to purchase his sister a Christmas present (who’s been helping him all she can) and help give back to the church.  All of the people below deserve my thanks for helping a member of my community.  What I hope people take away from this the most is that facilitating something like this is very easy.  It doesn’t take much effort and I believe it’s impact is profound.  As we’re in the prime season of giving I hope that you’ll read this story and consider taking the time to help someone in your community who needs it one day.  If you do, I’ll be the first to help.



Jared Wood


Lawrence Bailis


James Hendershot


Cristy Michaels




Frank Pandolfo




Lori Kushner-Horan




Danielle DelVecchio


Tim Fitzpatrick




Mary Ziegler


Kailee Ring


Alyssa Riley


Scott R


Chris Gregory


Dave S


Dom Higgins




Kevin VanLoan




John Fitzpatrick




Nicolette Datri




Chris Slivka




Kevin Fitzpatrick




Michael Dougherty


Susan Duffy


Paula Martino


Joseph Arcieri


Rosie Martin


Jean Abraham


John T


Olivia Topley


Melissa Dodd


Bill Russell




Hoa Nguyen


Connor Byrne


Shane Gertner





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